As Elizabeth Jennings entered the retail market as a merchant, she understood that it is quite possible to merchandise any number of different products; each filling different needs; sometimes to the same customer, and just as often to customers whose buying needs are in no way related to the needs of other customers.

It became her goal to unite her sales under one banner, Quiltron Web Sales.

Amy has recently begun to explore several genres of books that had previously been foreign to her. Her acquaintance with Joel Goodman, and his strong political ideas, led her to investigate the possibility of printing his first novel Dance with the Shadow Machine, which she read almost immediately after it was completed. She found the book reflective of the more intellectually and psychologically questioning existential works she had recently read.

While not a self-proclaimed expert on new literary works, Elizabeth has a keen sense of the market and what is out there.

Her recent favorite authors are some to whom she had not been previously introduced: Robert Heinlein, Joseph Heller, Hermann Hesse and George Orwell. Orwell's 1984 left her feeling disturbed for many weeks, an effect a book had never had on her.

And while there are substantial differences among her newly discovered authors, she realized they all had something in common, which many of today's popular author's do not share. While many authors today explore the psychological and emotional travails of their characters, their works are more involved with how their characters navigate the confined straits of their personalities, rather than explore and question the essence of the society around them and how they fit in.

There are authors like Noam Chomsky, among others, who give us a full political recounting and analysis of what is happening around us, but in the world of book fiction the existential character is strikingly absent.

Elizabeth will be looking for opportunities to reprint no longer available existential novels from the past, or existential works that were never translated into English; as well as discovering new writers who are examining the existential path; as well as just "darn good books" that no one else seems to want to publish.