Quiltron Press is a new independent book publisher. The founder of the company is A. Elizabeth Jennings, a native of Tennessee. Elizabeth graduated from East Tennessee State University with a degree in Journalism and Broadcast Production. She follows in her father's footsteps who was a well respected political reporter who covered the state capitol at Nashville.

Elizabeth is currently the senior partner in a web based business and a new retail store - Survival Outfitters, to be located in Johnson City Tennessee. Both the store and her new venture, Quiltron Press, are part of a growing web presence under the web banner of Quiltron Web Sales.

As there is much to develop, the roll-out has been somewhat slow; slower than desired, but, so far, the results seem to justify the wait.

While not a self-proclaimed expert on new literary works, Elizabeth has a keen sense of the market and what is out there.

Elizabeth is anticipating the retail store to open in early 2012. By then she anticipates that Quiltron Press will be well into the promotion of its first book Dance with the Shadow Machine. There will be other products brought to market from the web based business as a need is felt. Survival Outfitters is a licensed firearms dealer, and Quiltron Press is offering for sale a Firearms Dealer Log Book, which is required for all licensees.

Quiltron hopes it will be able to fill your physical and intellectual survival needs.